"Of course it was a good idea to include some J.S. Bach and Blind Willie Johnson among the payloads of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2,  but a transcript of a B. Elwin Sherman's humor column would do a better job, I think, of keeping the aliens at bay.  Would you mess with a planet inhabited by this guy? Proceed at your own peril."  Richard Adams Carey -- Former President: NH Writers' Project   Author:  THE PHILOSOPHER FISH and IN THE EVIL DAY 

" ... Elwin:  Fun piece - thank you.  I'm always flattered to inspire some level of relatable pain somewhere or another.   If you'd ever like to switch jobs for a week or so, drop me a line."  Mike Rowe -- TV Host: DIRTY JOBS 

" ... B. Elwin Sherman's wonderful essays are fortified with his sly New England wit that's nobly weathered by never withered."  Barry Crimmins -- Author & Political Satirist:   WORDS TO LIVE NEAR 

" ... Elwin:  I don't know about great minds melding, but maybe our minds are.   Thanks for the stuff!"  Dave Barry -- Author:  HISTORY OF THE MILLENNIUM (So Far)

" ... Literate, eloquent and smooth.  Your prose is a delight."  W. Bruce Cameron -- Author:   8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER        THE MIDNIGHT PLAN OF THE REPO MAN

" ... You are a man of nimble mind and nimbler cursor.  Your sensibility is distinct, smart and funny.  Somewhere east of Tom Robbins and west of Dave Barry."  Gary Morris -- Agent:  DAVID BLACK LITERARY AGENCY

“ ... Adding B. Elwin Sherman’s humor column to our newspaper was one of those things that you look back on and say, boy, am I glad we did that!  It has been one of the best received columns within our pages.  Our  readers look forward to it with every issue hitting the stands, and I must admit, so do I!"  Bryan Flagg-- Publisher:   NORTHCOUNTRY NEWS

“ ... B. Elwin Sherman's humor is as fine as frog's fur.  We have to keep a separate file for his rowdy contributions."  Rick Broussard -- Executive Editor:  NEW HAMPSHIRE MAGAZINE

" ... My favorite funny man!"  Judy Wallace -- AUTHOR / ENTREPRENEUR / GOURMET COOK

“ ... Smart & sassy -- Elwin's monthly column is well-read here for its incisive wit and humor.  There doesn't seem to be a subject he won't tackle -- from dieting and animal behavior to the Democratic National Convention and the first female Major League umpire.  El has something to say about them all.  If I had to give him a title, I'd call El "A Breath of Fresh Air!"  Eileen Alexander -- Editor:  THE COOS COUNTY DEMOCRAT

" ... B. Elwin Sherman is always able to see the humor in everyday situations."  Art McGrath -- Editor: THE LITTLETON COURIER

“ B. Elwin Sherman knows stuff.  He knows about Daniel Webster, dogs in canoes, and chainsaw safety.  And he knows how to say stuff about the stuff he knows in ways that’ll make you nod, smile, and say:  “That’s right, too.”  He’s a big-hearted guy with a big-hearted outlook on life in the Granite State and the cosmos. His works are full of laughs, and, dare I say it, riddled with touching insight into the human condition. And, yuh ... I like his bushy moustache and cool shades."  Rebecca Rule -- HUMORIST / AUTHOR / STORYTELLER

"  ... You are the real deal!"  Donna Manning --SCULPTOR/PAINTER/PHOTOGRAPHER

" ... Very funny and witty!  Where to?  What next?  Linda Chestney -- President:  NICOLIN FIELDS PUBLISHING & PR, INC.

" ... Several chuckles, one guffaw, and I'm only up to page 20 of your book.  Thanks for mentioning me here, but I won't do kickbacks until I launch my political career."  Mike Marland -- POLITICAL CARTOONIST

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