Tuesday, December 10, 2013


THREE YEARS AGO TODAY, my sweet Judy was stricken ill.  She spent the next 16 months struggling through multiple surgeries, setbacks and rehabs, until making her ultimate transition from this earth.  She never lost her courage, her good humor, and that radiant smile.

This is how to best remember her, from a day we made a "toy run" on the Harley.  She loved to ride.

You are still sorely missed, dear Judy.

Ride on......


Jan said...

What a beautiful and happy photo of your sweet Judy!

I lost my husband of 27 years a little over a year ago, at the age of 66, and not being a religious person, I continue to struggle with the seeming lack of rhyme or reason and yes. . . fairness, of such an event.

But my husband, like your Judy, was strong and brave to the end, and even though he is no longer here with me physically, I hope to make him proud by standing tall and being brave myself, and facing whatever challenges life has to bring . . . with resilience and hope. I wish that for you and for others like us.


Thank you kindly, Jan. My sympathies and support to you on your journey, as well. All best, El